Essential/Natural Fleur

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$26.00 - $52.00
Essential collection fiberglass and 58% finely ground stone, low in maintenance, timeless appearance, high quality and lightweight. Can be used in- and outdoor.
Product Details:
Square shaped vessel availabe in differents sizes and colors.
If the item is to be placed in your home or office, make sure to use an inner container/liner in it. Only our Small Collection is guaranteed to be watertight.

Product Overview

About Pottery Pots

Pottery Pots is a global brand with Dutch roots, developing and selling high quality planters and related products, from jumbo pottery to small accessories, from Glossy to Rough finishes, from furniture for family dinners, to esthetical pieces to relax on. Pottery Pots extensive assortment is based on the belief that design should be available for everyone. That is why it always looks for the perfect balance between design, quality and price.

The essential collection consists of a wide range of basic and design planters all recognizable for their simple and clever design in either a glossy or matte painted finish. All items in this collection are made from the strong material fiberstone. The power of this collection is its simplicity. The simple design of the products makes them perfect for any environment.