The Good Patch Pouches

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Each Envelope contains 4 patches. This state-of-the-art-patch is designed to deliver sustained, discreet relief for life's common ailments (scroll down for more).
Peel and stick one patch for up to 12 hrs. All done? Simply peel the patch off.
note on ingredients:
free of latex, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes and colors.

Product Overview

Each envelope contains 4 patches of the same formula. Looking for an assortment? Check out the envelopes!

B12 Awake: Stuck in the afternoon slump?
This patch is complete with caffeine, B12 and green tea to give your day a boost!

Rescue: Bounce back after a night out.  Our Rescue patch combines B1, B complex and Green Tea extract.

Her: Periods are a pain! This patch is complete with menthol and black cohosh. **Note: Should be worn on the lower abdomen.