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Meet the team

Amy South

Amy South

Opened: 11/2018

Opening the shop was a dream come true! My husband (and co-owner!) and I raised our two children in Montclair. I am passionate about the little details and using plants to bring MORE life & joy to a space. I have a retail and design background. When I am not in the shop, I am busy planning my next dream travel adventure.

Favorite Product: Louis Sherry Chocolates - guilty pleasure and gorgeous tin.
Favorite Plant: Red Congo Philodendron - moody, flexible & easy

Sarah Holt

Sarah Holt

Sales & Shop Manager
Joined Team: 9/2019

Every day I feel incredibly grateful & thankful to work in such a wonderful place that is filled with beautiful plants, gifts and people. It is truly a happy place. Since 1995, my husband and I have lived and raised our daughters in Montclair. I have always had my foot in the door of retail/wholesale business. I started in men’s fashion and high end crystal in NYC moved on to part time at a shop in Montclair. I love working in what I now fondly call my hometown!

Favorite Product: Jao GOE oil - my body loves it and the smell reminds me of summer.
Favorite Plant: Oxalis - fuss but fun!

Jodi Brooks

Jodi Brooks

Sales & Watering/Plant Care
Joined Team: 9/2021

I now officially consider myself a plant nerd! My background is in yoga and mindfulness meditation. I am a mindfulness educator in Montclair. I have made a home in the Glen Ridge area for 18+ years. When I am not in the shop, I can be found hanging out with my cats and listening to music.

Favorite Product: The Fondra Self-Watering Pot - it’s funky and functional!
Favorite Plant: Begonias - Exotic and so much to love!

Zoe LaSalandra

Zoe La Salandra

Sales & Merchandiser/Plant Designer Joined Team: 11/2022

I never met a plant I didn’t like! Being part of Moss & More confirms this every day. Coming from a horticulture and sustainable garden design background, it’s fun to watch what makes indoor plants thrive. As a mom of two teenage girls, a dog and a bunny, plant design and care really isn’t that different: good food, sunlight and love and they’re humming along.

Favorite Product: Large Twine w/stand - it is so well designed and harkens back to letter writing days.
Favorite Plant: Any Tillandsia / Airplant - the varieties are endless and fascinating!